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4 Reasons Why starting a passion for photography is perfect for military spouses.

Military spouses face unique challenges when it comes to finding and maintaining employment due to the frequent relocations required by their partner's military career. One potential career path that may be particularly well-suited to military spouses is photography.

About a year and a half ago, my daughter started to ask me questions about the proper use of a camera. I sent her all the handouts I use to teach photography to the community students I use to teach at Austin Peay State University's, Center of excellence for the Creative Arts [CECA]. This course pertained of 10 classes 2.5 hours long; however, the material was very self explanatory. She is now a proud owner of her own photography brand, and making money which significantly helps her family income; specially as a military spouse and mother of 4. She is now able to schedule the shoots around her family schedule. This is why I tell young military spouses photography is the best field to pursue.

Here are a few reasons why:

1. Flexibility: As a photographer, you can often work independently and set your own schedule. This can be especially beneficial for military spouses who may need to relocate frequently and/or have unpredictable schedules due to their partner's military duties. Additionally, many photography jobs can be done remotely or from home, which can make it easier to balance work and family obligations.

2. Portable skills: Photography is a skill that can be used and developed anywhere. As a military spouse, you may have to move frequently, but your photography skills can move with you. You can also build a portfolio of work that showcases your skills and experience, which can be valuable when you're looking for new clients or job opportunities.

3. Low startup costs: While there are certainly expenses associated with starting a photography business (such as equipment and software), the costs can be relatively low compared to other types of businesses. This can be especially important for military spouses who may not have access to large amounts of startup capital or who may need to move frequently and don't want to invest heavily in a business that they may not be able to maintain in a new location.

4. Creative outlet: Photography can be a highly creative and fulfilling career path. It allows you to express yourself artistically and capture meaningful moments in people's lives. This can be especially rewarding for military spouses who may be looking for a way to connect with their community and express themselves creatively.

This Summer 2023, I will be starting the launch of KO Photography courses. These courses will cover the basics of photography all they way through starting their own photography business venture. So make sure to follow KOPhotographyTN on instagram to get updates.

Overall, photography can be an excellent career choice for military spouses. It offers flexibility, portability, low startup costs, and a creative outlet that can make it a rewarding and fulfilling business opportunity. If you're a military spouse who loves photography, consider exploring this exciting and potentially lucrative career path.


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