Q: Why should I hire you?


A: I have over 15 years of photography experience. Not only do I have the experience but I also have a Bachelors in Fine Arts from Austin Peay State University, Concentration Photography and Painting, where I sharpened my skills, and creativity.  I currently teach Digital Photography community courses in for the Center of Excellence in Creative Arts (CECA) at Austin Peay University.  I have been hired and trusted to document, through photography, famous artists and athletes like, Megan Glecker, John Powers, Sonia Clark, Joyce J. Scott, Author Heidi Murkoff, Illustration Artist Billy Renkl, Blogger Shalae Morgan, Former Heavy Weight Champion Shannon Briggs, World Champion and Promoter Floyd Mayweather, and IBF Super Middleweight Title Holder from 2019-2021, Caleb Plant. 


Q: Why is it so expensive? I can get this other photographer for way less!


A: You are hiring a professional!  There is a lot of work behind what the client sees.  Clients usually see, a person looking through a viewfinder, clicking away and think, "that's all I'm paying you for."  But there is a lot more to the process of capturing your image than just clicking away.  Prices include the creative work in photographing, plus the time it takes to edit your images; which can take several hours to days depending on the amount of images you are requiring.  I make sure every image selected meets my creative standard, which is pretty high in my eyes.  Not only will you be getting quality work, but you are also receiving work from a person who has been professionally educated and trained in this line of work. Another factor customers need to understand, photographers have equipment they use that needs to be maintained. Just like driving a car  accumulates mileage, wears down tires, and requires gas, oil changes, and maintenance,  a camera and the equipment we use requires the same. Instead of mileage we have shutter count "mileage."


It's okay to shop around to see what photographer works best for you, but be careful in hiring someone who does not have the skill or proper training. Make sure you ask all the right questions. 

Q: What would you call your photography style?

A: I love working with light and using it to bring out the subject I'm photographing.  Freezing action, capturing emotion in its natural form is another way I love photographing.  I want my photographs to tell stories of that moment, something my customers can look back at and recall every word, and feeling they had that day. I can't say I have a specific style, because every person is different. Every customer is unique in their own way.  I try to capture their character and your shoot will be created to fit your style, not mine. This is about you as the subject, and my job is to capture your true self. 

Q:  Are there any hidden fees; like sitting fees?

A:  No. Every package is detailed with the products and services you will be receiving.  You will receive a detailed invoice with your total amount, taxes included. 

Q:  Do you do destination weddings?

A:  Yes!  We do destinations weddings.  We have covered weddings in Kentucky, Alabama, Arkansas, and Indiana.  Costs for travel will be included in your quote. 

Q:  Why do packages with download options or downloads per image cost so much? 

A:  Ask yourself this... Would you do work for free?  Photographers who include digital download options to a package or individually through your album, are literally losing income in doing so; therefor they need to offset the loss in their prices.  This is why releasing images to a client to take somewhere else, costs more than simply purchasing prints through the photographer.  Keep in mind that when you purchase downloads, you are purchasing limitless possibilities of duplicating, printing, and sharing with others.