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How to Prepare for your Newborn Photo Shoot

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Congratulations on your new bundle of joy!  Some of you might have experience with newborn photoshoots, so you already know the process.  However, some of you might be new at newborn sessions and you might wonder what to expect and how to prepare for it.  So here are some key points to keep in mind and better help you prepare. 

  1. Make sure to feed baby well before session.

This helps your baby have full tummy's and increases their chances of sleeping through the session.  Don't worry, not all babies are alike.  Some like being alert.  I'll do my best to get your baby asleep and cooperating.  It might take a little longer, so make sure not to schedule any important commitments after your allotted time. ​

2.  Bring Bottle (Formula), Pacifier, Lotion, Diapers, wipes and burp rag.  

Baby might require some extra feeding during shoot.  It's better to be prepared for our little models and have everything they might need to get them comfortable.  If you breast feed, do not worry about it; I encourage you to feel free to take some time and feed your baby.  ​Lotion will be used if baby's skin is flaky.  

3.  Parents, wear comfortable light Clothing!

The room will be at 80 degrees for babies comfort; it will get warm.  I have cold water and soft drinks for parents. so feel free to get yourself a drink if needed, or if you prefer, bring your own. 

4.  Newborn and Family Session 

I highly recommend for parents and/or siblings to match.  You can never go wrong with kakis with a white shirt or jeans and white shirts.  You can also use colors like beige/tan, gray, black or pastels.  I would recommend for one parent to stay in studio while baby gets their portraits, and then other parent brings siblings in when it's time for family.  The reason for this is little ones can get bored easily and we want them as happy as baby will be,  so it is highly suggested  to keep them away and occupied until it's their time.  If you aren't able to find a sitter, or if you don't have the other parent available, please make sure to bring something that will keep the younger siblings occupied (example: iPad, toy, etc.).

5.  Props and special gifts.  

I have several colors of wraps, materials and props to use for your baby's shoot.  However, if you want to include a special item that was gifted to your baby, you are more than welcome to bring it with you.  Example, if grandma made a blanket for your baby, and you want to include that in one of your poses, then please feel free to bring it with you.  If you are wanting a specific portrait or you have an idea of what you would like your baby in, please let me know in advance.  

6.  After Session / Completion of Post processing. 

It usually takes up to 2 week for edits depending on work load.  Once your newborns images are edited, and safely uploaded to the online gallery, parent will be sent a link with a password to view and access images.  You can order your professional prints/gifts straight from your online gallery; which is also an online store.  You can also share your link and password with family to access.  For packages including prints, albums, and canvas; you will be receiving an order form in the email you provided.  This will be sent to you at the same time your link and password are texted to you.  If your package includes downloadable files, you will  be emailed a link to access the one time download of your images.  If you opted for "session only" options, you have the option to purchase downloads straight from your gallery.  High resolution downloads are for printing and enlarging.  Web Size downloads are for social media and web use only.  These images are compressed for web usage and therefore can not be printed.  

You are more than welcome to share images on social media.  All I ask is that you tag KO Photography as follows;  Instagram: #KOPhotographyTN  Facebook: @K.O.Photography 

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