Here are some  questions you would want to know and ask before hiring the right photographer!

Q: What’s your history and experience with wedding photography?
A: I, Karen Orozco, have been photographing weddings for over 10 years.  It all started when I assisted a friend of mine during a wedding that she was photographing.  I was her back up photographer since her partner had gotten sick. I started with a small Nikon and did the best that I could.  After that, I was hooked.  I started taking more photographs and did some weddings for friends and family.  I finally decided to get some intense formal training.  Several years later, and I am still photographing beautiful weddings.  Capturing every moment, even the ones that can be missed.  My photographs tell the love story of the couple I'm capturing; therefore giving them memories they can look back at for years to come. My goal is to provide you with quality work, without having to stress.  This is your day, and it's my goal to make it memorable for the both of you.  

Q: What type of cameras and equipment do you and your studio use?
A: I have several Canon Cameras which include Canon 7D- Canon 6D - Canon 5Diii;  My lenses are many; Ranging from 35mm to 500mm;  We also have several flashes on the day of your wedding to cover any dark or low lighting areas.  


Q: How many images will I receive from my wedding?
A: Depending on the time we spend at your wedding you will receive from 25+ (Courthouse Ceremony) to 1000+ photographs for a 5+ hour wedding.  We believe in the quality of our work over the quantity of the images. We love capturing as many details and highlights of your day. We shoot in RAW and deliver high-resolution JPGs at the final production. These will be memories that you will cherish forever.


Q: Have you worked at my venue before?
A:  We have shot wedding at several venues in Clarksville, Ft. Campbell and Hopkinsville, KY.  If we have not worked at your venue before, we will do our research and schedule a walk-through with your venue.  The goal is to get familiarized with the venue before your big day.  We will scout the locations inside and around your venue, in order to find the best light and settings.


Q. What if it rains on my wedding day and I do not know what to do?
A: My team and I  have worked in all different conditions, including snow and icy conditions. If it rains, umbrellas can be used which add a stylized effect to the photos. We always have a back up plan.  This is your day and there is no reason for you to stress about your photography shoot.  That is our job. No matter the weather, we always have a backup plan in line for you!


Q: What happens if you’re a sick? Do you have backup photographers?
A: That has yet to happen, however; if it does, my husband and partner who I work with 99 percent of the time will cover the main photographer's position and another photographer [ another trained professional that has worked with me on weddings ] will shoot second. 


Q: Do you offer destination weddings?
A: We have photographed weddings Arkansas, Kentucky, and of course, Tennessee.  We love to travel, so we are ready and willing to tag along and give you the best experience where ever your wedding will be!  Depending on the travel time and cost, there might be a travel fee added.


Q: Who will be photographing my wedding?
A: I pride myself on offering the very best for all of my couples.  While most of the photography packages offered are guaranteed that I will photograph your wedding, there are packages that would involve My highly professional and talented partner, and/or associates, to photograph your wedding. Regardless, I handle all the office work, communication, and editing of all the weddings so I can relive your memories and edit the best moments of your life.


Q: We have downtime during my wedding. Do you charge for it?
A: We do include this in our packages, especially since it’s difficult for us to take breaks on your wedding day.  Even if we take a break during anytime downtime and come back for the second portion of your wedding day, we are always working whether it's backing up images or editing them.


Q: Do you keep a backup of our images?
A: We do keep a backup of all your pictures on our external Drives and an online cloud-based storage.  We will host photos on our website up to a year for you.

Q:  How long will it take for me to view my images once the wedding is over?  

A:  We understand you are excited to see your images as soon as the wedding is over.  We do our best to try to get post production of your images as quick as possible.  However, keep in mind that I DO NOT outsource my images to a random company for editing.  I am a trained artist and photographer, and I take pride in giving my bride and groom the best of my work.  That being said, I try to have your viewing album up and running with in 35 days. 


Q: Do you have liability insurance for our wedding?
A: Yes we have full coverage of our photography and photo booth equipment.  


Q: We would love to meet with you, but we are very busy or live out of town.  What should we do?
A: I would love to Facetime, Skype or chat over the phone.  If it's not too far and you can take a little time, we can drive out and meet at a local coffee shop or setting of your preference. This is the perfect opportunity discuss details, questions, and your wedding date availability.


Q: Can you meet us in the middle regarding pricing and budget for our wedding day?
A: Don’t let budget and pricing steer you away from booking one of the top rated photographers in Clarksville. We are happy to work with you on your budget as long as it’s within reason.  No need to price shop and get overwhelmed with the hundreds of photographers out there.  Pick the one that offers what your are looking for and the rest should fall in place. 


Q: We are very shy, uncomfortable in front of a camera. How can you help us?
A: I get this concern 90% of the time, and I really do help you feel and look your best in front of my camera; however, there hasn't been one time where the couple hasn't felt comfortable with us after having a short conversation.  We have a way to break down any walls of uncomfortable and shyness.  We love to help guide you and warm you up just by having a normal conversation about something to relate to your personalities, and get your mind off of the worries of how you will look.  We help you act natural like how you two would be with each other if no one else is around. The captures we get really show your best! I highly recommend getting an engagement shoot scheduled with us to get you prepared and ready for your wedding day.

Q:  Are there any hidden fees I need to know about?  What will I be getting with what I am paying?

A:  This is a very important question to ask ANYONE you hire to do your wedding.  There are a lot of wedding photographers out there that will charge an outrageous amount for each of your prints or any extras you might want.  Our packages are carefully designed to give you several products and options without any extra or hidden costs.  Basically, what's included is what you are paying for plus state tax for the products (prints, albums, canvas prints, USB) you will receive.  No hidden fees.  If by chance, we see you have ordered something outside your package option (extra images not included) we will contact you first to assure you understand the extras aren't covered in your package.  We will order the item and you can pay the difference at the time of delivery of your items. 

Q:  My package includes engagements shots, how soon can a schedule that after my contract is signed? How long will my custom announcements take to design and process?

A:  Your engagement shoot can be scheduled at any time after your down payment and contract has been signed.  Designing your custom announcements will take 3-5 days, and once you have confirmed the design, the order will be placed to the professional lab we use to print your announcements.  The lab takes 3-5 business days to process your order and get it mailed out to your address on file. 

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